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Real handwork, real flavour, real bread.

Sour to the people

real handwork    real flavour    real bread


Our Roots

Our story started baking bread at home to try and help save a little money for the weekly shopping budget, this soon turned into a hobby and baking for the family soon became baking for friends and family. After posting images of bread on Instagram I some became employed as a baker in a professional regard. After gaining knowledge of routines and scaling up from a home to a bakery I started Sour to the People.

I sourced local grain from Johan Sward in Brandbu which is milled on site in the bakery. This method of milling minutes before making a dough creates an extremely vivid "alive" flavour that is currently unique in Ringerike.

Having an in depth knowledge of fermentation and a natural instinct of being able to read a doughs health and status I am able to create bread that has a truly one of a kind look, coupled with a starter that has grown in Hønefoss for over 6 years, this is the actual flavour of Hønefoss Sourdough.


Our bread

The recipes/formulas for the bread have been tested, tweaked and tested some more. I have extremely high standards and if I'm not happy with one small detail I will spend hours, weeks even months refining the recipe until I am completely happy to offer it to you.

Honesty and integrity are traits I hold in very high regard. I am open with my ingredients and I am very proud that there are no hidden/secret ingredients sneaking their way into my bread. They are all 100% Sourdough. Naturally leavened, naturally preserved and naturally flavoured by Organic/Biodynamic grain.

Good bread takes time to make, but time isn't the only factor. Temperature is one of the most important ingredients in making good bread. I measure the temperature of every dough every 30 minutes to make sure it stays in the "sweet spot" of bacterial and wild yeast fermentation. This can take anywhere from 4 to 7 hours depending on the weather conditions. After the initial fermentation each loaf is carefully shaped using techniques that can only be learnt by handling high hydration dough over and over again. Once each individual loaf is shaped it is cold proofed from anywhere between 12 to 20 hours and is then baked to the desired internal temperature and colour.

All these factors create an incredible flavour and wonderful smile inducing look.

This is a passion, an obsession, a revolution against factory made industrialised bread. This is bread that is better for the environment, better for your health and better for our community. Together we can make a change and together we can enjoy good bread once again....Sour to the People!!!!


Local Grain, milled on site, fully fermented, baked dark.


  • Organic Biodynamic Grain (From Johan Sward, Brandbu)

  • Organic Flour (from Økologisk Spesialkorn)

  • 100% Sourdough (no commerical yeast)

  • Fermented for over 24 hours for easier digestion

  • Baked dark to intensify flavours giving a unqiue flavour profile